Transfer Market

The transfer market is composed of 4 parts:

Offer Status

Here you will see the state of the offers sent, received and the status of your loans.

Search For Players

Once you have signed your sports director and you know what your team is lacking you can give your sports director the guidelines and parameters to find the players you need.
Depending on how good the employee is, the players will be found in less or more time and will fit best your parameters. This game logic makes the game feel more real as in the real world sports directors take time to find players.


The market works as an aution, once you have decided all the parameters to filter out the players, you will compete in auctions against other players in real time for the players you want.
Here you will also see the youth prospects up for auction and the same for the players that are able to be loaned.


In this section you will see the players that you have selected as interesting prospects so that you can have them all in the same place and can compare their attributes and prices.