Minting NFTs

In Striker Manager 3 you are able to mint or convert your players into premium players which are NFTs.

How do I mint?

You will have to acquire the premium card (it's free) and then head over to the player you want and click on convert to Premium Player.

How do I get Premium Cards?

Premium cards are available in the Striker Pass, you are able to get 3 witht he free Striker Pass and 3 more with the Striker Pass Exclusive.

Can I sell my minted NFTs?

Yes!!! Once you've minted your favorite players you can place them at any price in the premium market. You can sell your player for IMX.

How many Premium Players can I have?

You can have 10 premium players in your first team squad and 10 more in your youth squad but you can own as many as you wnat and not have them linekd to your club.

Particularities of Premium Players

  • They can't be claused

  • Their salaries are lower than normal

  • They increase media points from 5 to 15 points

There are 4 types of Premium Players

  • Bronze, silver and gold. These 3 are created by users when minting. This is determiend by how good the player and it's progression is.

  • Platinium. This is the greatest type of premium player there is. They are created by the company and are released every week. These players have 15 media points.

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