Sports City

Your own place

The image below looks incredible but that only comes with a lot of time and effort.

In order to build just go to the sports city section and then click on "build". There, all the available buildings will appear and if you have enough money you will be able to build them. Each building takes it's own time to build so bear in mind it could take longer than you would think. If the time is too much for you, you can always use the in-game premium currency called "ucoin" and use them to reduce the time.

Moving to a new sports city

Once you choose a plot of land where you will create your sports city, that sports city will remain there for ever with all the buildings you have constructed.

This means that if you change to another plot of land you will lose the sports city but it also means that if you go to a parcel with an already created sports city you will inheir it.

Available buildings you can build

🛍 Merchandising Shop

🍳 Restaurant

🩺 Medical Services

🥇 First Team Field

🥈 Youth Field

🏢 Offices

🚗 Parking

🚇 Station

⚽ Stadium

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