NFT Players

One of the main additions to this game are NFT players. These players will be unique and only one person will own each of them. They will have higher attributes and will progress faster than the average player.

How to have NFT players?

There are 2 ways: buying them or developing really good youth players.

Buying NFT Players

Premium players will be placed in the premium tab in the players section.
The players will be created by the Uplay team and placed in the market. Once a player is placed, a 24h period of time will be needed before the player can be purchased. The reason behind this 24h period is that we want everyone to have the same chances to get a premium player and we feel buying an NFT should be a well thought decision that should not be made in a rushed way.

Minting Youth NFT Players

Premium players can appear in your academies and then if good enough transformed into NFTs. Users that have realy good academies will we producing really interesting prospects and if some of them are really good they will be able to mint them. This will mean a player that came for free with the game will be an NFT and you could make real money from selling him.

Selling NFT assets

Selling your NFT assets inside Striker Manager 3 is really easy.
Just find your plot or premium player and click on the "sell" button, then select the price and after 24 hours your plot or player will be available to be bought. Every NFT is bought and sold inside the Striker Manager 3 platform which makes gas fees to be nearly to none. We take 15,05% of the secondary market transactions in order to further invest in the game and the team behind it.
We work with Freeverse, this company does the NFTs for us and provides us the layer to work on the blockchain. Freeverse works using Polygon and Freeverse are to us another layer giving us the opportunity to work with less gas fees and have "Living assets" which means that our NFTs can evolve. Not only that but minting NFTs has a really smaller cost for us which means that players will be minting their best academy players for no cost at all.