NFT Players

One of the main additions to this game are NFT players. These players will be unique and only one person will own each of them. They will have higher attributes and will progress faster than the average player.

How to have NFT players?

There are 3 ways: buying them from UPLAY, buying them form other users or minting them

Where to find them?

Go to the Premium Hub and click on players or official SM3 players

Official NFT Players

We release 2 NFT players every week ( 1 Senior and 1 Junior ) . These players are released on a reverse auction which goes down in price every hour until someone purchase them. Once purchased you can use that player or list him in the market for the price you want. Once you list the player it will stay in the market 24h until it can be purchased so that everyone can see the player and decide calmly if they want to buy him.

Secondary Market NFT Players

Users can buy NFT players from other users in the players section inside the premium hub. There you can set the filters to find your favorite player and start checking them out. In order to buy these players you have to use the IMX currency from Immutable.

Minting Youth NFT Players

Every player in your team whether he is in the first or second team can be minted completely free. Click on the player and then click on convert to premium. Once you click a new section will open and it will tell you if you can mint the player straight away or if you have to wait some days to do it.

Why do I have to wait to convert my players into NFTs?

If you have just bought or renewed the player you will have to wait 10 days to have the possibility to mint them. You can see the days remaining in the same page.

I am trying to do NFT stuf and it is not letting me

That's because you are doing it with the phone. NFT actions are only allowed with PC.

Selling NFT assets

Selling your NFT assets inside Striker Manager 3 is really easy.

Just find your plot or premium player and click on the "sell" button, then select the price and after 24 hours your plot or player will be available to be bought. Every NFT is bought and sold inside the Striker Manager 3 platform which makes gas fees to be nearly to none. We take 15% of the secondary market transactions in order to further invest in the game and the team behind it.

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