Striker Manager 3 Overview

The basics to understand your future favorite game

What is Striker Manager 3?

Striker Manager 3 is the biggest Web 3 football management game that works in the Immutable blockchain. The game is designed as a Play to Earn multiplayer game that provides users with the chance to earn rewards while enjoying the fun of traditional online soccer games.

In Striker Manager 3, players get to own their in-game NFTs assets, which they can trade and evolve for greater rewards. As the owner of your assets, you get to take possession of your plot of land in the game’s world, where you can build and customize your club, team, and facilities to your liking.

What can you do in Striker Manager 3?

🌎 Own your plot of land

🏅 Own NFT players

⚽ Build your own sports city

📝 Use your own and unique tactics

🤼 Create the team of your dreams

🤴 Scout the next super stars

😁 Compete online with your friends

🗣 Share opinions with other managers

How do I get started with the game?

All you have to do is register at the link below and you will be able to enjoy the game without linking any external wallet. Once you are familiar with the game you will have the opportunity to enter the web3 part of the game whenever you want.

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