Our vision

Gaming brought to the next level

Games have been running through the same model for many years and even though games are still fun, players have no power nor ownership over what they have accomplished. In traditional gaming, players don't own in-game assets and collectibles and they lose all of their assets once they decide to change the gaming platform.

This is why bringing the blockchain to Striker Manager makes so much sense, players have been playing the first version of our web2 game for more than 10 years now and have invested a lot of time and money to at the end, owning nothing. In Striker Manager 3 this won't happen and your time, effort and investment will pay off.

No entry barriers

Every blockchain based video game has one thing in common: the blockchain barrier.

Many users want to play blockchain games but because of how difficult and unconventional it is to them, they end up playing traditional games. We discovered this market gap and decided that Striker Manager 3 would be available for every type of player and decided to create a hybrid ecosystem.

In Striker Manager 3 players are able to play without interacting with web3 features until they are prepared and also players that want to get deep into this new ecosystem will be able to do it and monetize their time.

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