3D Simulation

YES!!! You read that right, we have a 3D simulator for every match. Hop on the time of the match and feel the emotions in real time.

Every match is fully simulated in 3D and you can watch it all in real time and if you couldn't make it, you can always watch it whenever you want as matches are saved.

Matches can also be followed in text mode and once the match has ended you can watch the goals in the goals tab and check the stats in the statistics tab.


Your team could have the same average as another team but if your tactics are well planned you can win against nearly anyone.

Choose among a wide range of formations or make your own. Choose if you want your team to play counter-attack or have the ball and many more tactics. Not only that but you can use the "instructions" tab to decide what substitutions will be happening through the game and what formation and tactic changes will happen.

All of these decisions need to be done before the match so analyze your opposition and choose wisely.

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