Monetary System

The currencies

The game has 3 currencies:

In-Game soft coin

This is the generic in-game currency. All buildings, salaries and normal players are bought through this currency. Users get these through playing matches, sponsors, winning competitions, selling merchandise, food and selling players. This currency can't be bought and only comes from in-game activities.

In the top right corner it's the amount inside the white square.


This is the premium currency inside the game. This currency is used to buy packs, cosmetics, reduce time of constructions and mostly features to make your life as a manager easier. This currency is bought using paypal or one of the available credit cards.


The third currency is the Immutable official token which is IMX. This is the token used to buy NFTs inside the game but in Primary sales (first buy of a plot of land and of an Official NFT players) you can also buy through Paypal.

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