Striker Manager 3 league

The league system in Striker Manager 3 works in the same way as most real leagues.

Every season you will play two times every team in your group and once the season finishes the first three will get promoted to the next division and the 4th will go to a play off against all the other 4ths of the other groups of your division.

How do the points work?

Win= 3 points

Draw= 1 point

Loss= 0 points

What happens if two teams have the exact amount of points at the end of the season?

The difference between goals scored and goals received is taken into account then.

If it continues to be the same the goals scored are taken into account.

If it continues to be the same, the game will choose a random winner.

Are there playoffs?

Yes! If you finish in a yellow position you will got o playoffs. These can happen to go to the next division or to go down a division.

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