Striker Pass

Striker Pass allows you to unlock rewards by reaching new levels of in-game experience. Rewards can be acquired through the free Striker Pass, or through the Striker Pass Exclusive (paid). Reaching new experience levels will unlock a free reward (not all levels have free rewards) and, if you have the Striker Pass Exclusive, you will always unlock an 'exclusive' reward in each level.

Main Features

  • Each Striker Pass lasts for one season of the game (2 months).

  • It has 25 experience levels, each with rewards.

  • At the next season, the experience accumulated in the Striker Pass is reset to 0. The only way not to start from zero is if you have accumulated Ucoins, depending on their amount, you will start the new season with a higher or lower experience level. You will be able to collect rewards depending on the level you start at.

  • The manager always has the option to redeem Ucoins to unlock the next level immediately (without the need to gain the required experience), or to directly unlock all 25 levels of the Striker Pass immediately.

  • Rewards: This tab shows the list of all Striker Pass rewards. You will also be able to see which rewards you have active, if they end on a particular date and the number of uses they have. Striker Pass rewards include cash, Ucoins, Packs and exclusive in-game options. In the 'Striker Pass' tab you will see the carousel with the rewards for all 25 levels. Those you have already claimed will be shown with a green tick, while those that remain locked will show a lock.

  • Each season will come with a set of bonuses that will be active until the season ends. These bonuses will be renewed at the start of a new season.

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