Striker Store


Improving your team doesn't need to be boring!

The Striker Manager 3 packs offer you a way to improve your team and who knows if you will get a legendary item or player.

There are four types of packs:

The common pack, rare pack, epic pack, and the most special of them all the legendary pack. These packs are only available through ucoins and in some cases as prizes.


The better you look the better you play, or at least that is what they say.

In the striker store 9 types of cosmetics are available which will give a unique appearance to your players and also in-game boosters.

Cosmetics available:

Boots, hairstyles, beards, gloves and wristbands, caps, thermal shirts, thermal tights, anklets and tattoos.

Cosmetics can be common, rare, epic or legendary and as the rarity of them increases the boost on the player also does.

Common and rare cosmetics can be bought with generic currency but epic and legendary ones only with Ucoins.

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