Plots of Land

Own your land

In Striker Manager 3 you will create your own sports city in a real world map where every player will have their own plot of land. There are two routes: owning and renting


There is a limited number of plots of land that can be bought with IMX or Paypal. These parcels can be used by yourself or you can let others rent them. The NFT properties will have a higher default level and will offer you exclusive benefits.


We know owning a property is not a possibility for everyone so players can rent other players plots of land and pay the in-game currency. This means you can build your sports city without investing a single real dollar.

When renting you can rent a parcel owned by a real person or one owned by us, as not every plot of land is an NFT.

Land prices

The prices of each plot are decided by an algorithm that takes into account the attributes of the plot, the location and the current market offer and demand.

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