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About UPLAY Online

UPLAY Online is an independent video game studio nestled in the vibrant city of Barcelona. Our story began in 2009, fueled by our love for video games and esports. Our team of dedicated individuals strives to create unique and immersive gaming experiences that blend classic playability values with the best of online gaming.

We take pride in our superhits, including Youtubers Life, the first and best youtuber simulator available on any electronic device and the Striker Manager saga, an MMO serie of games which have reached millions of players worldwide. We have also developed franchises such as International Basketball Manager, Swipe Basketball and Train Crisis, among other titles.

Our first football manager game in 2009

We started our journey in 2009 with Striker Manager, which was our first football manager videogame ever and the seed of this ambitios project. The game had over 500K active users in the Spanish server, almost 500K users in the English server and arround 200K in the Brasilian server. After 14 years it still has over 5K managers currently playing. We built a huge managers' crowd who, like us, loved sports management games and we managed to create a powerful and enriching Striker Manager lovers community.

Striker Manager 2

After the success of the first version of the game and having several active servers, we decided to make a second version more adapted to the current market trends and with a more user friendly approach.

This second game also did good but did not reach the success of the first one. Developing these different versions of the Striker Manager saga has given us a very deep knowledge to be able to create more similar projects with a very high level of optimization.

Striker Soccer Saga

The Saga composed by Striker Soccer, Striker Soccer 2, Striker Soccer Brazil, Striker Soccer America, Striker Soccer Eurocup and Striker Soccer London reached over 30 million downloads making it one of the most iconic mobile soccer games saga.

Striker Soccer London alone reached 10 million downloads making the London 2012 Olympic Games based striker soccer game a huge success that reached people all around the world.

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