Buy-out clause

No player is safe anymore

The most fun feature by far is back in Striker Manager 3 and it will continue to tear up friendships as it has always done.

Buy-Out clause

The buy-out clause is a feature which enables users to buy each others players when paying a certain set price.

Each player has a price for which any other user can buy him. Once the player is bought there will be a 24h period in which the player will still be yours but after that it will go to the new club.

If you want the money before the 24h period and you already have a substitute for him you can sell him before the period.

How do I use the buy-out clause?

Once you find the player you want just go to sign the player and then match your bid to the clause.

How can I protect my players?

If you want your favorite player to stay in your club there is only one option and it is increasing the buy-out clause.

This clause is augmented through a new and improved contract given to your player. The higher the wage the higher the buy-out clause.

Can anyone use buy-out clauses?

No, this incredible feature is only available once you and the other managers have 4,000 experience points. So, even if you have 4,000 experience points, you won't be able to pay the buy-out clause of a player which user has less than 4,000 experience points.

How do I get experience points?

Experience points are given through completing challenges, playing matches, signing players...

Basically by playing the game regularly.

Where do I see how many experience points I have?

Click on the top left on your name and there you will see your user information. If you look closely you will see it says experience and a number on the right of it.

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